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Welcome to MultiDEFusion

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MultiDEFusion is an open-source library that enables the Fusion of Multi geodetic techniques ensuring long-term observations of ground DEFormation. The software provides integration of permanent GNSS data and radar InSAR observations, considering a particular computational method such as DInSAR, SBAS and PSI.

The MultiDEFusion library expands on the approach to integrating geodetic observations outlined in the article published by Tondaś et al., 2023. The software documentation can be found at (Free software: MIT license).

If you find the MultiDEFusion program useful, please cite it in your work as: Tondaś D., Ilieva M., van Leijen F., van der Marel H., Rohm W. Kalman filter-based integration of GNSS and InSAR observations for local nonlinear strong deformations. Journal of Geodesy, 97, 109 (2023). DOI: 10.1007/s00190-023-01789-z